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Sustainable but not eco

One thing is certain, sustainability is more of an issue today than ever. We have to take care of our planet, he shows us that every day. We recognized these signs years ago and continued to design our farm to protect the environment. But we want to live normally. Many things are very simple - some are complex and expensive. But with every step we come a little closer to our goal. To do without unnecessary things is actually easy, it is more difficult to see what is really necessary. Here we would like to show you a small selection of what makes a holiday at the Gibbesbachhof different -  just makes it sustainable.

Dickmann family


To act sustainably...

Stom from the sun

We have had a small power plant on the Gibbesbachhof for a long time. Our solar cells can deliver 25 KW, which is used to heat, charge and drive, because our petrol station is of course under the solar cells. If you want to travel with your e-car, we have electricity from the sun.

to use

You flush 35 liters down the toilet every day. Well, there is nothing we can do about that, but the Gibbesbachhof does not use elaborately purified drinking water either. Our big roof collects the rainwater for us and under the donkey is a big tank. Watering the toilet, washing machine and flowers - all with rainwater. - go then!

Biologically built

The Gibbesbachhof is a building biology house. Wood, clay and natural building materials. We could write a whole book here - there is also, if you are interested , you can find all the information here. Everyone else can enjoy the very special room climate. 

Heating with the floor

Our donkeys are grazing on our heater. An endless line winds its way under the meadow. Water always runs in it and is slowly warmed up by the geothermal energy. A heat pump compresses this and you are cozy and warm. And we "collect" the electricity in summer ... climate-neutral.

From old to new

Our donkey coop and the chicken coop were once an old roof structure. Why just throw away the good wood? Now it is awakening to new life as a new house - and it looks much nicer as a new one.


Often times, not all of the groceries can be taken home. But don't worry, we won't just throw them away. In the stairwell we have everything that is good for you. Help yourself, because as my grandmother said, "You don't throw away food" :-)

something different

At the Gibbesbachhof you can prepare your meals in a wide variety of ways. How about outside In the pizza oven? At the fire on the hot plate? On the grill? Or just in the kitchen? We have few appliances, pots like grandma's - but everything is durable and simply good!


The neighbors have cheese, honey too. We have eggs in front of the door and we can bake bread ourselves in our wood-burning oven. If you need herbs, you just have to go outside, in autumn there are mushrooms that you can collect. Sometimes nature is the best "supermarket"


It has to be clean, no question about it! But we don't need any plastic waste and only a little chemistry. We buy our cleaners in tabs to dissolve or in large canisters. Everything as natural as possible and with little impact on you and the environment. You can easily do intermediate cleaning yourself.


Fours and bacteria hardly stand a chance with us. We want it to be clean, at the Gibbesbachhof. Our ally against pathogens is nature. Ozone turns them off, is natural and the only thing we need is our ozone generator and some green electricity. 

Modell in der Dusche
Reusable in the bathroom

Of course, we will provide you with the most important things for a good start to the day during your vacation. But you won't find small soaps individually wrapped or shampoo bottles with us. There is another way, with pump bottles for refilling, for example.

On devices

Grandma didn't have a kettle, a fully automatic coffee machine or an egg boiler, no electronic waste and she survived! At the Gibbesbachhof you can get to know this life again and if you should really miss something, you can borrow a modern device - just as you like!

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